New Year, New Start

This post was previously on when we took our old site down in the new year:

Looking back 2016 has been a fantastic year for us, over the Summer we reached a first of being open five days a week and we regularly had activities on four days a week.

Numbers of people attending have also risen with some weeks fifty individuals coming along.

This has been truly amazing, with no staff or volunteers all the work has been accomplished by people with lived experience for people with lived experience.

To achieve this and to get us where we are now. we have always had to be flexible and to adapt to the constantly changing situations we find ourselves in.

At the beginning of the New Year we find ourselves in a slightly different situation.

Many of those who have got a lot from and given a lot to the charity are now themselves moving on to many fantastic opportunities and different adventures.

Coupled with the fact that while demand is still growing, we don’t want to push people who have come more recently to help run the charity before they’re ready.

We have decided to have a more flexible approach to our offerings that will change weekly according to our time levels available and other commitments.

We will remain open on Monday essentially from 10am till 8pm

10-12 Breakfast Club

12-3 Drop-in

3-6 Cooking group

6-8 Rethink Support Group

Each Monday we will then determine what else we will offer each week. Some weeks there may be two, some weeks five offerings, all entirely dependent on what we are capable of safely offering.

If anyone wants to be included on the Weekly Monday update either via text or email, please sign up as a member and let us know you’re preferred method of contact.

01244 343489 /

New website, flyers & Posters to follow